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The Casino College has trained literally thousands of Casino Dealers, and you could be next! Casino Dealers make great money! Plus, most casinos offer benefits, vacation online casino dealer school and very flexible work schedules.

Casino Dealers are in hot demand! Many of the country's largest casinos simply online casino dealer school not have enough trained casino dealers to fill vacancies, and new poker rooms are opening almost daily, huge opportunities for those online casino dealer school posess the required skills.

The Poker Player - Get exposed to hundreds of hands every night and increase your bankroll. We're here to help! My intentions were to attend the California Casino Visit web page, but even after I moved over miles I was still a bit skeptical that the school would provide me with enough knowledge to secure a job in the gaming industry.

Not to mention help me with job placement. Then I visited the College, and was introduced to the management, the instructors and the students. I then became confident that they could do what they said they could do. Boy, am I glad I made the decision to attend! Just a few weeks later, as I was nearing my graduation, a manager from a local Indian Casino named Jackson Rancheria came to the school to watch myself and the other students deal poker.

To make a long story short? I am now employed at Jackson Rancheria in the table games department as a poker dealer!!! Thanks California Casino College! It was a great experience and I wanted to thank you and all of your staff at the Casino College for helping me become a professional casino dealer" - Phillip E, Las Vegas Nevada - Casino College Graduate.

We Guarantee your satisfaction! Hours of Instructional video broken down into easy to understand segments, plus built in note taking module Decide you want to attend one of our brick and mortar school? It went very well. The Casino College Online was online casino dealer school to be used by. Dealing Cards is a skill that must be learned Demand for trained Casino Dealers has never been higher and the Casino College Online can you the edge you need and get you working as a Casino Dealer faster.

Due to the extreme growth of the gaming industry there simply aren't enough trained dealers to fill all of the positions. Most dealer jobs require only that you pass the job audition to have a shot at the open spot, and our Online Training Program can teach you the skills necessary to do just online casino dealer school There are countless Casino Dealer Job vacancies just waiting to be filled.

Click here to see a small list of Casino Job Openings. The Casino College Online is the only online casino training program backed by brick and mortar Casino Schoolswith campuses in California, Washington, Michigan and Mississippi, that have literally placed thousands of Casino Dealers in some of the most famous casinos in the world.

Click Here to see a list of recent Casino College Graduates and school photos. In fact, the Online Course uses the same exact course materials our brick and mortar schools use to train casino dealers. If after enrolling in the Online casino dealer school Course, you decide you'd like to enroll in one of our Schools, the check this out enrollment price for the online course will be deducted from your tuition.

This also means that you can count on the Casino College Online being around for some time to come. Yes, you really can! Dealing Poker and Blackjack are hands-on jobs - we don't deny that.

However, a huge amount of the skill required is mental, and can easily be learned via a computer based training system. Plus, even the online casino dealer school practice online casino dealer school, such as the shuffle, pitch and chip handling, can be done from home - We even offer very affordable practice kit pokie free machines download no options for accomplishing this.

In fact, many of this site's students end up coming to us for proper training! Plus, once you successfully complete the course, you'll qualify for a Certificate of Completion. Although we are very proud of our Online Training Program, and truly believe you can learn the skills necessary to deal Poker or Blackjack at a professional level by completing the course, we know that Brick and Mortar Casino Schools still have more to offer. Even if you don't live near online casino dealer school Casino College Casino School, our Online Course is the perfect companion to any other casino school you may be thinking about attending, and will give you a huge headstart over the other students.

Once enrolled, you'll receive access to the course instantly! No waiting to receive a download link or password, so you can get started Online casino dealer school Will this be confusing for me? Our online course was designed with please click for source in mind. Simply review each lessson, view any online casino dealer school video clips online casino dealer school is as simple as clicking a linkand take the self grading quizzes the results are instant to test what you've learned.

From the main please click for source lobby you can access the user forums, chat and support feature. Contact us via Click here, Email, Forum or Chat seven days a week! Click here for a sample course video clip! Video is for lower speed connections Hours of instructional video included!

Learn Dealing Basics at home, like never before! Click the icons below to download free demo versions of this groundbreaking software! Same course material used in our brick and mortar schools nationwide. Hours of Instructional video broken down into easy to understand segments, plus built in note taking module. Decide you want to attend one of our brick and mortar school?

Everything is broken down in easy to learn sections which includes see more of step by step video clips, oversized demonstrative images, and practice exercises to get you ready for your auditions! Casino Dealers make better Players! Are you an avid Poker Player or source If so, we're sure you know that the best way to improve your gameplay is by being exposed to as many real, live hands as possible.

Professional Casino Dealers do just that, and get paid to do it! Want to be in the middle of the action, night after night? Have you been dreaming of moving to Las Vegas or any other Casino Hotspot? The Casino College Online can make that dream come true, without breaking your bankroll or making you miss work.

But I already know how to deal Do you really? Sure, just about anyone could step up to the plate and deal a home game or a table at your local "casino night fundraiser", but do you think you're really ready to deal a professional level game where each pot in the THOUSANDS of dollars?

You're handling other people's money, and there's ZERO room for error. These are common situations in the world poker, and you not only need to know how to handle them properly, but also how to handle them quickly.

Casinos are big business, and each hand you deal earns the online casino dealer school money, so the faster you deal, the more valuable you are to the casino - and to yourself! The more games you know how online casino dealer school deal, the more valuable you will be to your future employer.

Of course you don't have to complete both courses, but it will definitely give you a huge edge if you choose to. Whether you're just interested in "testing the waters" to online casino dealer school if Casino Dealing is for you, improving your Poker or Blackjack skills by learning the basics from the other side of the table, or, are ready to start online casino dealer school new career as a Poker online casino dealer school Blackjack Dealer - the Casino College Online is for you!

The DealerSim portion online casino dealer school the online casino dealer school price cannot be refunded.

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In the poker world there online casino dealer school two types of people: Divided by a padded rail and an expanse of felt, players and dealers move in tandem throughout the course of a session to create the sweet music that is poker. The former of the two often takes the spotlight while the latter blends into the background like a cog in a well-oiled machine. The fact is, one simply cannot live without the other.

In fact, when it comes to any poker variant, whether it's Texas Hold'em or Pot Limit Omaha, poker dealers are an essential ingredient that cannot be overlooked. If you're not willing or able to become a poker proit doesn't mean the poker industry doesn't have something to offer. If you're a fan of poker then a job as a read more dealer could be the ideal career option.

Becoming a dealer online casino dealer school a great way to make a living from poker, but before you spend hours researching you'll want to make sure that online casino dealer school the job for you. As with read article occupation, there are certain aspects of it that you should consider online casino dealer school going all in. Some of those main considerations include:. You have to learn how to read bets, hands, and players quickly in order to stay in touch with the action.

Being a poker dealer can be an extremely rewarding job, but to ensure you get the most out of the industry you'll want to make sure that you have the right skill set.

From a practical perspective, there are very few formal qualifications you'll need to become a poker dealer. But, not everyone is suited for the life of a poker dealer, so it's important to recognise the abilities that will greatly help your development in this occupation. Something that will greatly affect how much you enjoy working, as well as impacting how many tips you receive depending on your demeanor.

You don't have to be a world-class poker player to be a world-class poker dealer; however, if you have some prior knowledge of the game you'll find it a lot easier to learn the skills of the trade. If you've made it this far then a career as a poker dealer could be on the online casino dealer school for online casino dealer school. So, read on to learn more about your opportunities in the world of dealers and their brilliant pay packages.

As you've probably worked out, the path towards a career as a poker dealer is a varied online casino dealer school and things aren't any different recruitment casino websites it comes to securing a job. If you were to talk to a selection of dealers at a casino, you would probably a selection of various different routes. The most popular way to become a poker dealer is to complete a week training course and then apply for a vacant position at a land online casino dealer school casino.

If you already have some experience in the industry as a player or dealing home gamesthen you can visit your local casino and start to learn on the job. In both instances, you'll need to complete an "audition" which involves dealing a live game for minutes while the poker room read article watches you. If you're not quite ready to deal with the complexities of aspects such as split pots and players on tilt, then some pre-job training is a must.

Through a combination of live and online training, prospective dealers can learn the skills world-class players like Mizrachi expect during a tournament. In addition to training, all poker dealers working in licensed US casinos will need a gaming license.

This license is issued by a government agency and is only given after various background checks have been completed. In Las Vegas all casino employees, including poker dealers, must also have a Sheriff's card and other states will require a visit web page state gaming license in order to work legally.

Before you take the plunge and decide to become a poker dealer, it's worth knowing what your employment prospects will be. It's one thing being able to make a good salary, but are there jobs for you? In the US, a well-qualified poker dealer will always be in demand please click for source should be able to find work in a variety of casinos both as a tournament and cash game dealer.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics BLSthere were approximately 68, registered dealers in the US at the close of and the market is set to grow by around 0. Additionally, over the next decade, the BLS estimates that around 19, visit web page openings will be listed by casinos in the US in order to cover new positions and address replacement needs. Poker dealers fall into two main categories: Although you can choose to do both, opportunities for cash game dealers are often more stable than tournament openings due to the fact cash games run consistently inside a casino.

However, if you're able to make a name for yourself on the tournament circuit with an organization such as the WSOP or EPT, you should be able to find just click for source work throughout the year. On top of the brilliant salary that you'll make there are a plethora online casino dealer school other benefits available to experience when you decide to move into the business of online casino dealer school. It's not uncommon for dealers online casino dealer school double what they're being paid per hour at a good table.

But this allows you much more flexibility when it comes to needing time off. This question is like asking how long a piece of string is. The way that poker dealers are paid means determining the actual amount you can make isn't easy.

This can change year on online casino dealer school depending on many factors from general economic growth to the popularity of land based casinos. Experience also plays an important part as it can lead to salary increases.

In online casino dealer school, poker dealers earn the bulk of their pay from tips and, like any service profession, the amount you're tipped is largely dependent on your attitude, your skills and the customer.

Because of this it's difficult to determine how much you can make as a poker dealer; however, there are some general standards of etiquette which can help you get some idea of your potential EV. This figure is based on the fact that the average cash game player in a US casino will tip one small blind at low and mid stakes when the pot won is more than 10X the big blind. If the pots are much larger or the stakes are higher, the tips will be adjusted accordingly. Additionally, if a player has earned a significant profit during their session regardless of the stakesthey may also tip a proficient and friendly dealer when they leave the table.

When it comes to tournaments, tips are handled in one of two ways: At low level online casino dealer school events it's usually the case that players who make the money usually the winner will give the tournament director a certain amount of money to be shared among the dealers. But like with anything, there are certain online casino dealer school you best roulette uk to watch out for so that they don't hinder your dealing experience.

That's why it's always important to consider all aspects of the job before taking the plunge. As you can see, the poker industry is about a lot more than the players and becoming a dealer can be a rewarding experience both in terms of entertainment and financially if you're able to get the right training.

A poker dealer is responsible for keeping gameplay moving, so online casino dealer school expert knowledge of the game coupled with excellent mathematical and interpersonal skills are a must. As a poker dealer you'll be required to shuffle the deck, deal cards, turn over community cards, and collect folded hands as online casino dealer school progresses.

On top of this, you'll also need to keep track of the pot, announce bets and raises, quickly identify winning hands, and ensure the correct cut is retained for the house. It's a complex role that puts you at the center of the action, so a cool head and ability to remain calm under pressure are essential attributes for anyone who wants to succeed as a poker dealer.

Throughout the United States the term dealer or poker dealer is used most commonly, but outside of the U.

S, particularly in parts of Europe such as France and Britain, a dealer can be known as a croupier. S casinos have also adopted this term but it's less common outside of Europe. This means that although your base salary is relatively low, the amount you make in tips can make a significant difference to your take home pay.

Players normally tip the dealer per hand during the game, so the more hands you can get through during your shift, the higher your percentage of tips is likely to be. Obviously tips are dependent on the level of service the player feels they have received, so a professional and courteous manner will go a long way to helping you secure more tips during your shift.

You'd think so but no. The only way for a poker bonus senza deposito scommesse casino to earn more is to get bigger tips. For this to occur you need to be dealing at a high stakes table and even then there's no guarantees you'll automatically be tipped well.

It boils down to the attitude of the player, and how well you've impressed them. Remember, a more personable approach and professional conduct will help you on your way to better online casino dealer school. The tipping policy depends entirely on the casino you work at. Tipping a poker dealer is permitted in the U.

S it's strictly forbidden in some parts of Europe but some casinos will allow the dealer to keep their individual tips and some operate a pooling policy, whereby all tips are collected and then split equally between the dealers working that shift. The latter approach can be online casino dealer school favorable if you've earned good tips but some of your colleagues haven't, as it will leave you worse off.

If you're dealing in a tournament, rather than a bricks and mortar casino, then tips are normally divided between the dealers in this instance as well. There are two ways you can approach this. If you're an experienced poker player who knows the game well, then you could try contacting some local casinos and enquiring about job opportunities as a dealer.

They may bring you in for a live trial, which will involve you dealing in an actual game while the casino or pit manager watches you to see how you perform. If they're sufficiently satisfied with your performance they may offer you a job.

The other way in is through a poker dealing academy or school whereby you'll gain recognized accreditation. This will definitely further your employment prospects as a poker dealer and is looked upon favorably by most casinos. For some it's a pre-requisite of employment. There are online casino dealer school main training schools that are endorsed by the online casino dealer school. All poker dealers are also required to have a gambling license by law.

Typically a poker dealer will be required to wear a shirt, trousers, waistcoat, and have an overall smart appearance. The casino you are employed by will determine what you wear, and in the most instances provide you with a full uniform, though you may have to pay a deposit initially for these items.

This is to lessen eyestrain from harsh overhead lighting, as being a poker detail requires intensive concentration and attention to detail. This is a non-verbal signal that can be detected by online casino dealer school casino camera's looking on who can see the action but not hear online casino dealer school. The timing of the knock and the number of taps will have a bearing on what the dealer is communicating.

It's pretty much the same, though poker, like blackjack can have long hands so you can be sitting for large periods of time. That's also where having a passion for the game you're dealing is a benefit. A Guide to Becoming the Hand of God. Is Poker Dealing for You? Some of those main considerations include: How Do You Become a Dealer? What Are My Employment Prospects? The Positives and Negatives of being a Poker Dealer. The parts you'll love What Makes a Good Poker Dealer? Start in a small poker room to gain some valuable experience before you move to a more established venue.

You online casino dealer school always need training, but it helps.

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